Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Pi!!!

Solving Equations BINGO on the SmartBoard

Download the Linear Equations BINGO SmartBoard file here.
Print off the BINGO card here.

BINGO Instructions:
1. Give each student a blank BINGO card.
2. The notebook file will instruct them to fill up their card with any 24 of the answers listed.
3. Solve linear equations with the students.  You can do this in groups, as a class, or go row by row.  Your choice!
4. If the answer is on their BINGO card, they can check it off (or colour the box in if they are only playing once). 
5. I play one line, two lines, then full card.

The questions start with solving one-step linear equations, then gradually get harder (two-step and multi-step).