Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fraction Review Sheet

The first day of school is quickly approaching and a review of fractions is always beneficial to students after a long break.  I will be going over this sheet with them and then give them some practice during the first week of school.

This review covers:
  • Converting Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions
  • Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Fractions
  • Adding Fractions
  • Subtracting Fraction
  • Multiplying Fractions
  • Dividing Fractions

You can download this fraction review sheet here  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Math T-Shirt

I have a new math t-shirt design out!  I am having WAY TOO MUCH fun creating these t-shirts  :)
Click here to see my other designs.

Google Doodle remembers Pierre de Fermat

Happy 410th Birthday Pierre de Fermat!

Fermat's Last Theorem states that an + bn  cn     ,when n > 2.  Fermat's fame grew because he had scribbled the theorem in a book margin and never provided the proof (stating it was too large to fit on the page).  After 4 centuries, the proof was eventually published in 1995 by Sir Andrew Wiles.

Kudos to Google for spotlighting Pierre de Fermat, however it would be great to introduce the world to some current mathematicians and their research.  How 'bout it Google?    :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joke of the Day!

Exponential Graphs - Bouncing Ball Investigation

MBF 3C - Grade 11 College Math

Lesson Objective: Students will cooperatively explore exponential relations during an experiment with a bouncy ball. 

What you'll need:
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Recording Sheet
  • Measuring tape, metre sticks
  • Pencils, calculator, graph paper, graphing calculator
  • small post-it (sticky) markers or note
 Lesson Outline:

  • In groups, students will complete the bouncing ball experiment.  This activity would appeal to students with an Interpersonal (connection & cooperative learning) and students with a Self-Expressive learning style (visualization, exploration).   
  • Students will compare their graphs with those of both linear and quadratic equations. 
  • Class discussion on the results of the experiment

  • To download the Exponential Graph Bouncing Ball Investigation Click here!

What is Formative Assessment?

There is currently a huge focus on formative assessment in schools across Ontario.  Instructional strategies for formative assessment include pretests, observations, feedback, questioning strategies, self and peer assessment, and student record keeping.

Formative assessment can be used to:
  • Enhance Motivation to learn
  • Help students identify gaps in knowledge
  • Foster self-study
  • Clarify desired outcomes
  • Diagnose specific misunderstandings
  • Allow students to make adjustments to what and how they are learning
The Teaching Doctor (2008)
            Formative assessment is important because we, as teachers, need to know how our students are progressing or what they are having difficulties with so that we can adapt our lessons and teaching strategies appropriately (Black & Wiliam, 1998).  We cannot wait for the summative assessment at the end of the unit because by then we will be moving on to a new topic. 

Black and Wiliam, 1998, suggest the following ways of improving formative assessment:
  • Self esteem of pupils (providing feedback, advice)
  • Self and peer assessment by pupils (understanding the main purpose of their learning thereby grasping what they need to do in order to achieve)
  • Evolution of effective teaching (justifiable tasks, discussions, observations, listening)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

The day I discovered Math Foldables ....

.... and this is what my table looks like.  I'M HOOKED!!!!

Question 1 - WHY have I never seen these before?
Question 2 - WHY have I never heard of these before?

I discovered math foldables by stumbling across Mr. Surti's website.    The activities and Resources he has listed for MFM 2P (Grade 10 math applied) drew me in immediately.  His ideas on incorporating differentiated Instruction into this course are amazing.

As I investigated further into math foldables I discovered a woman named Dinah Zike who has published many books on topic.  You can view Dinah Zike's Teaching Mathematics With Foldables here!

I ordered Dinah Zike's Big Book Of Math (Middle School & High School) from Amazon and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  

I will start posting instructions on how to make these foldables periodically.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!