Saturday, July 30, 2011

And the best free math app is...........

....... according to my 7 year old..... (drumroll)........

Rocket Math Free - Dan Russel-Pinson

Rocket Math combines fun and learning elements in a unique way.  The player builds a rocket and blasts it off solving problems before the rocket comes crashing down.  My son laughed hysterically each time the rocket would bounce and fly around.  You can choose to solve problems related to time, money, and shapes as well as the usual add/sub/mult/div.

From a parent's perspective, it is one of the few free math apps that really incorporates a fun game into learning.  Most of the apps were basic number sense practice with graphics which is great for kids looking to practice their math skills.  Our goal however, was to find an app children would want to play without realizing how much learning was taking place.

Our second favourite app was Pop Math Lite.  My son didn't get into it as much as Rocket Math BUT the graphics are great and it's an excellent app if you're looking to practice number skills.

Puppy Math Bingo was another app with a game concept, however, the only Bingo you can play with the free version is subtraction.

I'm going to assume that most of the math apps will be deleted from my son's IPod, but I'm hoping a couple of them make the cut!  Seeing him turn on Rocket Math in a couple of weeks without me asking him to, would definitely make my day   :)

We might have to try some of the 99 cent apps next time!

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