Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trig Ratio Foldable

Here's a Trig Ratio Foldable your students can make! 

1. Fold your paper lengthwise leaving 3/4" at the bottom for your title "Trig Ratios" (optional).  I prefold these for each student and hole punch them beforehand.
2. Have students fold their sheet so they have three sections (as pictured).
3. Make 2 cuts along their fold lines so they now have 3 book flaps.
4. Have students put the titles on the front.  I usually demonstrate on the SMARTBoard.
5. Distribute the Trig Ratio Triangles sheet.  I have made a pdf that has two sets of triangles per sheet.  You can download it below!
6. Students will cut out each triangle.  The "Finding a Side" triangles will go along the top while the "Finding an Angle" triangles will go along the bottom.  Students will need to determine which triangles can be solved using each of the Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios and glue them on the appropriate flap.  Move around the room making sure each student has glued the triangles in the appropriate spot.
7. Give the students time to solve each triangle and take up as a class.

Download your free Trig Ratio Triangles here!

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