Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make your own class set of clocks!

Buying a class set of clocks can be expensive.  Why buy them when you can easily have your class make their own clocks in a matter of minutes!  You can even send copies home so they can make clocks with their parents and practice telling time at home.

Here's what you'll need:

PAPER - I prefer to use cardstock although this may not go through some copiers.  You can also print on regular white copy paper and back them on colored construction paper for added strength.
BRADS - Brads will allow you to fasten the arrow onto the clock face yet be able to turn them as well!
CLOCK TEMPLATE - I've made a clock template for you to use with 2 on a page.  Download the template for free here.
GLUE (Only necessary if you plan on backing them on construction paper).  

- Copy the clock template and cut in half so each student receives one clock and two arrows.
- Have students cut out the clock face and both arrows.
- Back the clock face onto construction paper if required.  Hint - glue the clock face onto a square piece of construction paper, then have students cut around it!
- Fasten the arrows at their base onto the middle of the clock face (they may need your help poking the brad through the clock).
- Voila, the students have just created their own manipulative to practice telling time!

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