Monday, May 16, 2011

TIPS for Success

Below I've listed 14 TIPS for success in mathematics.  You do not have to follow all of these tips, they just seemed important in my success.  I love organization and I think my organization in math drove my desire to learn.  Do note that different strategies may work for different people.  We all learn in our own way.
In Your Notebook

1. Print neatly and legibly.

2. Underline titles and dates with a ruler.

3. Use a pen for notes and teacher given examples and pencil for your practice work.  It will make looking back for specific notes and examples much easier.

4. Use a different coloured pen or pencil for the question numbers so they don't get lost in your work.

For example:   
                                                                                    pg. 28 # 1, 2, 4 & 7
        Simple Addition and Subtraction                                  Oct 22, 2009

        1.a)  2+3=5                1.b)  6+6=12

        1.c)  9-7=2                 1.d)  4-1=3

5. Take your time and do not skip steps.

6. Keep a page in the back of your notebook for important formulas and things to remember.  This will come in handy when studying for tests and your final exam. 

Studying for a Test

7. Review your notes

8. Complete the review using your text and notes

9. If you are having any difficulties, discuss them with your teacher.  Contrary to popular belief, your teacher wants you to do well on the test!

10. Try to complete the chapter test without your text and notes.  If you're stumped, look back in your notes and do an extra few questions of this type.

Taking a Test
11. Be prepared  Make sure you have a pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator, etc.

12. Review the test before beginning.

13. Write down all steps for each question.  Even if your final answer is wrong, you may get part marks for the correct work you’ve done.

14. Review and double check each question before handing in your test.   There is no prize for the person who hands in his/her test first. 

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  1.! So glad I found you through Twitter! I am a 2nd grade teacher and am always looking for new and exciting ways to present material. I especially like #14 on your list...I always tell my students that I don't have a washer and dryer to give to the first one finished so they might as well take their time;-)