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Report Card Examples of Significant Strengths for MPM1D

Report Card Examples of Significant Strengths for MPM1D

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Chp 1 Rational Numbers
 - She did a great job in the rational numbers unit where she was able to simplify expressions and solve problems involving integers and fractions on her chapter test.

Chp 2 Powers & Polynomials

- He excelled in the powers and polynomials unit where he was able to demonstrate an understanding of the exponent rules of multiplication and division, and apply them to simplify expressions on his chapter test.

Chp 4 Solving Linear Equations

- She did well in the linear equations unit where she was able to use inverse operations to simplify expressions and solve equations on her chapter test.

Chp 7 Properties of 2-D Figures

-       Solve problems involving the measurements of two-dimensional shapes

-       - describe the properties and relationships of the interior and exterior angles of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons

Chp 8 Measurement

-       Find the perimeter and area of composite shapes

-       Optimization of perimeter and area

-       Use formulas to find the volume and surface area of prisms, pyramids, cones and spheres

Chp 3 and 6 Linear Relations

-       interpret the meanings of points on scatter plots

-       describe trends and relationships observed in data

-       construct a table of values, graphs and equations to represent linear relations derived from descriptions of realistic situations

-       compare the properties of direct variation and partial variation in applications, and identify the initial value

-       construct tables of values, scatter plots, and lines or curves of best fit

-       determine the equation of a line of best fit for a scatter plot

-       Interpret the meaning of a distance-time graph in terms of direction and speed.

Chp 5 Analytic Geometry

-       Use the slope formula in order to find the slope of a line

-       Graph a linear equation given in slope y-intercept form

-       Determine the equation of a line given two points

-       determine graphically the point of intersection of two linear relations and describe its meaning

-       Able to convert between slope y-intercept and standard form of a line.

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