Wednesday, June 27, 2012 now includes MATH

I have always been a proud supporter of Starfall.  Both of my sons learned their letter sounds and began to read with the help of this wonderful website. 

Last week, I noticed that they have expanded their website and in addition to reading, starfall now teaches math and colours.  While the phonetics and reading pages were free for everyone, most of the math pages are blocked for non-members.  The prices for membership range from $35 (home membership) to $270 (school membership).  Judging by the few pages that I can visit, I think the home membership would be worth the investment.  Starfall has always been a  brightly coloured website with cute (but simple) graphics and appealing children's voice recordings. 

In my mind, Starfall will continue to be a leading website for primary children at home and in the classroom.

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